Monday, August 17, 2009

Well I haven't really done anything cool for awhile. That sucks I know! I have been busy with life I guess. Work and home life are sometimes hard to manage but totally rewarding. My son broke his wrist four weeks ago and has a blue cast on. It has been so hard having a four year old with a cast for the warmest part of the summer. We haven't been able to go swimming and had to cancel his second session of swimming lessons. That caused some commotion. At work we are getting ready to do a NAHA photo shoot to enter in next years competition. It will be hard work but hopefully someone from Austin Kade Academy will at least get a nomination. Which is totally doable. We have to get all our ideas together and then find an amazing photographer. We are all excited. Erik has been golfing a ton this year. He lives for it. I wish he would be able to go to golf school. It would be his dream job. I sometimes feel bad cause I am doing my dream job and he isn't but time could change that right!?! I just got called to the Young Women's program in church. I am super excited. I have been waiting for that opportunity since I got married. The girls are super fun so far. I just hope and can help them learn the way to happiness. I am also running a special on hair color and cuts together. They are $20 off for the compo at the same appointment time. Let me know if I can help any of you out in this department. I would love to see you and get caught up. See ya!