Sunday, May 23, 2010

These are pictures from Austin Kade Academy's second annual hair/fashion show benefiting the Haven Shelter. We are put into groups with one instructor and 5ish students. All groups are different in size and level of students. Our theme this year was Super Hero and Villain's (Comic books). It was awesome. My group had Superman. I participated with my students and came up with the idea of the hair, makeup, and costuming. The model in the tin foil and paper is one of my really good friends, Crystal Lilya, and the one in overalls is an ex-students sister, and the one in the black and white tulle was a students friend. It was so much fun and was for a great cause.



that looks awesome you finally did something on the blog. love it your so creative.

Doug and McKensie said...

Heather... I don't know how often you check this but... I wanted to tell you sorry that I didn't get to talk to you longer out to Heise. I really was running way late for my dr.'s appointment which was at 3:10, & I didn't make it there till 3:40! UGH! It worked out tho, & they were cool about it. Anyhow, you look dang cute & I hope you the best w/ this baby you are having on SUNDAY! Crazy we both have one boy & are having one more. Best of luck & keep me posted on the new babes birth. Take care, & sorry for the novel. :)


The Crackle said...

Hi ,
I see you attended Austin Kade Academy. I was looking into different beauty schools around Idaho Falls, looks like there aren't a lot to choose from. I was doing research and found your blog, I was wondering if you could possibly tell me from a students perspective how you liked going to Austin Kade Academy? Do they give you kits for the esthetician department? Is it hard to learn at a beauty school? Thank you for your posts of Austin Kade and your time there. The makeup looks awesome.